We are a well established company and have grown over the years through our commitment to high levels of service and technical expertise. We provide dynamic and independent solutions to our clients. Our services are fully customized. With our IT expertise we ensure that our clients are given a competitive advantage using IT solutions specifically designed for their environment. This improves the company’s efficiency.

We have strategic alliances with renowned manufacturers like VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Hitachi and more. We have invested a lot in training our staffs to the highest levels, so that they can provide the best possible service to our customers.


We specialize in providing virtual machine and server repair related services. Our remote backup system is very reliable and secure. Our backup files are encrypted using passwords, so that no one except you can read your data. We also provide alert server in case you miss backing up your data. We have a team of qualified support engineers who can manage and maintain your system. They can give you advice on introducing new systems or growing your operations. Our technicians hold high-level certifications with the leading IT manufacturers and service providers. We provide on-going staff training on emerging technologies and practices.

Our support service is very comprehensive. We look after your ICT systems on a regular basis. We monitor your server and send you a daily status report. We can fix your problems via our remote computer support or an on-site visit. We are very prompt at answering your calls. Our services are reliable and we have a reputation of providing excellent customer service.